Jeremy Corbyn could be booted out of power in deal with SNP, says party advisor


JEREMY Corbyn could be booted out of power in a deal with the SNP, a party advisor said today.

Lord Kerslake says the party would need to consider getting rid of the far-left leader to cut a deal with the Scottish Nationalists or the Lib Dems.

Paving the way for an exit? Jeremy Corbyn laying a brick in Ashfield yesterday.

He also sparked fears for the future of the union by suggesting a second referendum on independence could also happen.

The Whitehall mandarin is advising Labour on the transition to power, and now admitted it could take losing Mr Corbyn to do it.

He said: Labour will seek to govern as a minority Labour government.

But to be able to do that, you would need support from other parties.

“We dont yet know in truth how that would play out, although the Liberal Democrats have said they could not support a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour government and the SNP have said they would want a second referendum.

“All of that would form part of the conversation that Labour would be having informally with those two parties.”

A close ally of John McDonnell, the former head of the civil service plays a key role in the shape of the party.
Last month he played a key role in the removal of Karie Murphy, a key aide to Mr Corbyn.

Labour immediately distanced itself from Lord Kerslakes claims.

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn said that neither of the two issues would be on the table in talks.

The comments were seized on by the Conservatives, who claimed Lord Kerslake had let the cat out of the bag.

Michael Gove said: Labour have already begun discussing a deal with the SNP to hold another referendum on Scotland, as well as another referendum on Brexit.

As Kerslake makes clear, a vote for Jeremy Corbyn is a vote for dither, delay and the chaos of two more referendums in 2020.