Jeremy Corbyn has started as he means to go on with a campaign of lies


What lies ahead

LABOUR has, depressingly, started as it means to go on with a campaign of lies.

Corbyns hackneyed attack on Boris Johnson selling the NHS to Trump is an absurd, baseless falsehood.

Jeremy Corbyns ratings are at historic lows

The public increasingly detests the lies and overblown smears the Left trot out to further their tribal cause.

Labours new manifesto will be full of them. And Leavers wont believe a word.

In 2017 Labour vowed to honour the referendum. Now they back a second one and would campaign to Remain.

Corbyns ratings are at historic lows. He has been found out. Ranting about the NHS is a desperate fallback, given the vast sums the Tories are investing in it.
But its all hes got.

Poll fiddlers

FOR a glimpse of the future under a Labour-SNP-Lib pact, consider their attempts to impose a massive change to our election system, hoping to skew it their way.

Our democracy itself would be manipulated in a future under a Labour-SNP-Lib pact

Their plan to give the vote to children and EU citizens was ruled out of order for now. But imagine if they won power.

Our democracy itself would be manipulated immediately to further disadvantage the Tories. Once in Downing Street, Labour would stop at nothing to stay there. Teenagers and foreign citizens would vote in all elections and referendums and thats just the start.

The stakes have never been higher.

So long, Berc

WE will not join in our MPs sentimental boo-hooing over the longed-for exit of poisonous Commons Speaker John Bercow.

The Sun will not join in our MPs sentimental boo-hooing of John Bercow

He spent ten years grandstanding and violating his historic roles neutrality to impose his own prejudices while interrupting proceedings with tedious outpourings of convoluted drivel he thought made him sound clever.

Any successor will be better. He has taught them all how not to do it.

Loopy Liberal

LIB Dem Layla Moran is typical of Remoaners living in a hermetically-sealed bubble.

The MP reckons her leader Jo Swinson will be PM. Uh-huh. As for Brexit, we would make this all go away, she says. That is what people really want.

Is it? Has the MP for leafy Oxford West ever deigned to meet a Leaver? Or anyone who doesnt share her extremist view that we can just ignore 17.4million votes and forget the whole thing?

She sorely needs to get out more.