EastEnders reveal Jed is Harry’s dad and paedo Katy has MORE victims


EASTENDERS dropped a bombshell tonight revealing Jed IS Harry’s dad as more of paedo Katy’s victims were uncovered.

A horrified Linda Carter made the discovery tonight after meeting Jed for the first time.

Linda Carter made a sad discovery in tonight’s EastEnders

The complicated turn of events began with Frankie, who sparked a downward spiral in Mick when she revealed she was his offspring after he was abused aged 12 whilst in care.

She also had a little half brother called Harry, and viewers saw Frankie preparing to visit the crematorium for the anniversary of his death tonight.

Linda said she would go with Frankie for support but Mick’s wife began to question Jed’s claims that he was another of Harry and Frankie’s siblings, and he told Linda Harry’s dad was never around.

But she had another theory which she confronted him with, leading him to storm off.

Jed’s outburst shocks Frankie and Linda

Traumatised Jed soon revealed he was Harry’s dad and there were other boys who had been abused, leaving Linda and Frankie in shock.

Jed screamed: “I did what I said, what I promised. I didn’t say a word, not a single word about Harry, nothing.

“I never told no one. About me, about any of us…”

Viewers were just as shocked as Linda and tried to put the pieces together, with one successfully writing: “I hope i’m getting this right: Katy told Frankie that Jed was Harry’s half brother, but that their father had legged it. While in fact Jed was Harry’s father.”

Another said: “OMG the fact Jed said “ANY OF US” i bet there’s loads of them. like when she said weeks ago she got ‘gifts off lots of kids she looked after’”

Frankie introduces Linda to Harry’s brother Jed

However, others felt Frankie was hiding something and one said: “So why didn’t Frankie looked shocked at Jed’s comment “any of us”. I think Frankie knows a lot more than she’s letting on #EastEnders”

Later in the week, viewers will see Linda and Mick discuss Katy’s other abuse victims. 

But when Mick tries to get through to Frankie, she begs him not to turn her mother into the police. 

Linda talks to Mick about Katy’s other abuse victims

Mick was abused by Katy when he was a child in care – and fathered Frankie when he was just 12. 

Their age gap led Frankie to realise something wasn’t quite right when she arrived in the Square, and she tried to get Mick to see he’d been abused. 

But matters were complicated when Katy landed in Walford looking for her daughter and claimed Mick wasn’t her dad, turning Frankie against him.


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