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Joe Biden clinches Democratic nomination with Georgia primary win after Trump’s bold statement about his ‘only opponent’


Biden secures Democratic nomination

President Joe Biden has officially secured his Democratic nomination following the results of Georgia's primaries. Despite some resistance from his typical voter base, Biden has solidified his spot as the DNC presidential candidate.

Trump anticipates facing Biden in 2024

With Biden securing the swing state's delegates, it is highly likely that Donald Trump and Biden will go head-to-head in the 2024 presidential race. Trump had commented on the outcome, expressing his belief that Biden would be the candidate.

Incumbent president Joe Biden has secured his Democratic nomination to re-run for president in the 2024 race

Trump's perspective on Biden

Shortly before Tuesday's primaries, Trump shared his thoughts with CNBC, acknowledging Biden as the likely candidate and humorously referring to himself as Biden's "only opponent other than life, life itself."

Challenges and victories for Biden

Amidst challenges from voters dissatisfied with his approach to the Israel-Palestine conflict, Biden navigated through primaries in Mississippi, Washington, and Georgia. Despite hurdles, Biden managed to secure the necessary delegates, paving his way to the 2024 race.

Biden celebrates nomination

Following his win in Georgia, Biden shared a celebratory video on X, proudly declaring his nomination victory with the message "Clinched the nomination" displayed prominently.

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