John McDonnell says he WONT be neutral on Brexit if Labour gets to No10 as dithering Jeremy Corbyn sits on the fence


JOHN McDonnell says he wont be neutral on Brexit if Labour gets to No10 after dithering Jeremy Corbyn sat on the fence.

The Shadow Chancellor said that Labour MPs will be able to campaign on the basis of their own judgement if there is a second vote on our divorce from the EU.

John McDonnell said he would not ‘stay neutral’ on Brexit if Labour got to No10


When pushed to answer if he would remain neutral in the debate, Corbyns right-hand man told Skys Sophy Ridge: No, I wont. But I dont think Jeremy is asking people to do that.

It comes after Mr Corbyn was laughed at as he vowed to stay neutral in any future Brexit referendum during a grilling on Question Time on Friday.

The fence-sitting leftie-boss again dodged giving a definite stance on the EU debate – after cowardly ducking out nine times during Tuesday’s head-to-head clash with Boris Johnson.

Mr Corbyn has claimed he wants to renegotiate a new deal with Brussels in just three months and put it back to the people for another vote against a Remain option.

Today Mr McDonnell hinted that he would be more in favour of backing us staying in the bloc.

He told Ridge: Ill wait until I see the details of the deal we negotiate.


Ive said up until now, I was in the negotiations with the Conservatives for six weeks and I couldnt see a deal even emerging then that could beat Remain.

But lets see what we negotiate. Whatever we do weve got to arrive at a situation where the jobs and the economy and protected.


It comes as the Tories hold a 13-point lead over Labour in the polls as Mr Corbyns Marxist manifesto leaves him lagging behind.

The PM currently has 43 per cent of the vote while Mr Corbyn has just 30 per cent.

Labour launched their far-left blue print for the country last week with a raft of 1970s style policies, including renationalisation of our rail and free broadband.

Mr Corbyn plans to pay for his socialist vision with 12 tax rises on workers and businesses.

But Paul Johnson, director of independent think-tank the Institute for Fiscal Studies, said it was simply not credible for Labour to raise the sum by slapping a tough tax on businesses and Britains highest earners.

He told ITV: “You cannot raise that kind of money in our tax system without affecting individuals.

Jeremy Corbyn has unleashed 12 taxes on Brits to pay for his Socialist vision for Britain