Keir Starmer Pressured by Muslim MPs to Call for Ceasefire in Israel-Hamas Conflict


Angry Letter from 150 Councillors

Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, is facing pressure from Muslim MPs and more than 150 councillors to call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. In an angry letter addressed to Starmer, the councillors expressed their concern about the collective punishment faced by Palestinians and urged immediate action.

Strength of Feeling Throughout the Nation

The letter highlighted the "strength of feeling throughout the nation and in our communities" regarding the need for a ceasefire. Some Muslim councillors have already resigned from the Labour Party in protest against its position on the war.

Starmer's Stance on Israel's Right to Defend Itself

Sir Keir Starmer has previously acknowledged Israel's right to defend itself, including through military action against Hamas. However, he has also emphasized the importance of Israeli forces acting within the confines of international law.

Controversial Comments on Water Taps

Starmer faced outrage from the Muslim community after suggesting that Israel had the right to turn off water taps in Gaza as part of its military strategy. He later clarified his position, stating that Israel must ensure civilians have access to essential resources like water, food, and fuel.

Visit to Mosque in Wales

To ease community tensions, Sir Keir Starmer recently visited a mosque in Wales. He expressed his support for the release of hostages, increased humanitarian aid, and a renewed focus on the two-state solution.

Backlash from Mosque Leaders

However, leaders at the mosque criticized Starmer for misrepresenting their congregants and the nature of the visit in his post-visit tweets. They accused him of bringing disrepute to the mosque and the wider Muslim community.

Call for Cessation of Hostilities

The letter from the Muslim councillors emphasized the urgency of calling for a cessation of hostilities. They highlighted the impact on innocent lives and expressed the desire for an end to the bloodshed.

Shadow Minister's Response

A shadow minister responded to the letter, calling ceasefire calls "insane" and questioning how a ceasefire could be achieved with a terrorist organization that continues to hold hostages and launch missiles.

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