Labour candidate called Prince William a horse-faced t**t in yet another blow for Jeremy Corbyn


LABOUR has been rocked by a fresh scandal after an election candidate made offensive Facebook posts about Prince William and female politicians.

Ian Byrne called the Prince a horse faced t***” and sent misogynistic messages about Baroness Michelle Mone calling to hit the c*** where it hurts.

Ian Byrne sharing misogynistic messages about Baroness Michelle Mone calling to hit the c*** where it hurts
Ian Byrne (left) claps as Mr Corbyn delivers a speech at a Labour rally in Manchester

Mr Byrne’s Prince Harry post was shared back in 2014 and he abused Baroness Mone a year later.

In another vile attack Mr Byrne, a candidate for Liverpool West Derby, slammed Tory housing minister Esther McVey calling her a b******.

He is now clinging onto his chances of running in the December 12 election while three other Labour candidates were exposed for spouting slurs.


Gideon Bull in Clapton and Kate Ramsden in Edinburgh have both dropped out of the race a day after two other Labour MP hopefuls were facing calls to pull out over anti-Semitic comments.

While just the day before, Jane Aitcheson was blasted after she defended fellow candidate Zarah Sultana who said she would celebrate the death of Tony Blair.

Ms Aitcheson, standing Pudsey, Yorkshire, compared it to people celebrating Hitler’s death in a car crash radio interview – where she took almost 13 seconds to answer a question.

Mr Bull has stepped aside after he was accused of using the term shylock when speaking to a Jewish colleague on Hackney Council.

Shylock is a Jewish moneylender in William Shakespeares Merchant of Venice and has since been used as a derogatory term.

But Mr Bull claimed he did not know it was an anti-Semitic slur and denied abusing Zena Brabazon, the deputy leader of the council.

He told the Braintree and Witham Times: I used an analogy when referring to a housing decision being called in by backbenchers.

I was not referring to the councillor, who was not part of the call in.

When she politely informed me that this saying was offensive, I immediately apologised and explained that I did not know that Shylock was Jewish and I would never have mentioned Shylock if I had known this.

I grew up in a working class area in Ilford where this was a common saying, but I didn’t know it was offensive.

However, he said now was not the best time for him to be standing.


Meanwhile Scottish Labour candidate Kate Ramsden stepped down after she compared Israel to a child abuser in a blog post.

Ms Ramsden, who was standing in the Gordon constituency currently held by Conservative Colin Clark, had said Israel is like an “abused child” who then goes on to commit abuse.

Labour said the candidate had resigned for “personal reasons”.

Ms Ramsden’s resignation came as party colleague Frances Hoole in Edinburgh South West was forced to step aside – following a controversial tweet.

Both candidates were re-interviewed by the Labour Party, according to media reports.

It comes as former Labour MPs John Woodcock and Ian Austin on Thursday urged the public not to vote for the party.

Mr Austin, who quit the party over its anti-semitism scandal, branded Mr Corbyn unfit to be PM and backed Boris Johnson to win the election.

He told The Times: Jeremy Corbyn is an extremist. Hes allowed the Labour Party to be poisoned by extremism and racism, he supported terrorism, he cant be trusted with our defence and he always picks the wrong side.

Mr Austin’s comments came hours after deputy leader Tom Watson resigned from Labour.

Mr Watson, who has represented West Bromwich since 2001, said: The decision is personal, not political.”

He made the shock move after finding himself in a vulnerable position after repeated clashes with hard-left supporters of Mr Corbyn.

It culminated with the cabal trying to remove him in an attempted coup – which he described as a “drive-by shooting”.

Gideon Bull has been forced to pull out of the race


Kate Ramsden has stepped aside Labour’s candidate in Edinburgh
Mr Austin and ex-Labour MP John Woodcock stand next to a billboard calling Mr Corbyn a ‘disgrace’