Labour Celebrates Victory in Rutherglen and Hamilton-West By-Election, Dealing Blow to SNP


Labour's Michael Shanks Wins Crucial By-Election

Scottish Labour has emerged victorious in the Rutherglen and Hamilton-West by-election. Former teacher Michael Shanks secured a resounding win, receiving 17,845 votes in the constituency previously held by the SNP.

Margin of Victory Sparks Fears of SNP Collapse

The margin of victory in this election is likely to evoke concerns among the SNP about a potential collapse in the next General Election. This result serves as the first major electoral test for Humza Yousaf's leadership.

Labour Reclaims Seat from Ex-SNP MP Margaret Ferrier

The seat, won by former SNP MP Margaret Ferrier in 2019 before she was ousted for breaking Covid rules, has now been taken by Labour's Michael Shanks.

Labour Holds Strong Lead Over SNP

Michael Shanks secured 58.4% of the vote share, winning 31 points ahead of the SNP candidate, Katy Loudon. This result demonstrates a significant shift in support from the 2019 election, where the SNP had a share of 27.9%.

Labour's Promise of Change

Michael Shanks expressed his gratitude for being elected as the MP for Rutherglen & Hamilton West. He promised to be a champion for his constituents and highlighted the need for change under the leadership of Anas Sarwar.

Scottish Labour and UK Labour Showing Relentless Focus on Working People

Michael Shanks praised the leadership of Anas Sarwar and UK Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, emphasizing their commitment to delivering for working people and offering a clear alternative to the Tories. He called for an end to division and chaotic government.

Seismic Result for Labour, Says Sir Keir Starmer

Reacting to the victory, Sir Keir Starmer hailed it as a seismic result and acknowledged the clear message sent by the voters of Rutherglen and Hamilton West – it is time for change. He expressed a determination to regain the trust of people in Scotland and deliver a government focused on their priorities.

Experts Suggest Labour's Win Could Impact Next General Election

Political experts are closely analyzing the scale of Labour's victory, as it could potentially indicate the number of SNP seats that Labour can secure in the upcoming General Election. If this swing is replicated across Scotland, Labour could become the dominant party.

Lower Than Usual Turnout in By-Election

Although the total turnout for the by-election was 37.19%, lower than the 2019 election, this is typical for by-elections. In comparison, the Airdrie and Shotts by-election had a turnout of 34.3%.

Blow to Mr. Yousaf and SNP

The loss in this by-election comes as a major setback to Humza Yousaf, who had recently been celebrated internationally as a trailblazer shaping the future. However, it appears that the SNP faced party difficulties and the Ferrier factor, contributing to their loss.

Head-to-Head Fight Between Labour and SNP

The Rutherglen by-election was seen as a direct contest between Labour and the SNP. With the SNP experiencing a significant decline in the polls over the past year, this election was important for both parties.

Labour's Victory Predicted by Bookmakers

Polls closed with bookmakers predicting a clear win for Labour's Michael Shanks, with odds of 1/20. The SNP's Katy Loudon was considered a 10/1 outsider in the race.

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