Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona and Kim fight for their lives against Grahams killer Pierce Harris


PIERCE Harris bullies Rhona Goskirk into agreeing to leave with him by blackmailing her with hostage Vanessa.

But when Kim shows up the trio have an explosive showdown that knocks Kim unconscious.

Piercec blackmails Rhona with his hostage Vanessa

Emmerdale fans know that Pierce was put behind bars after he raped Vanessa on their wedding day but was recently released early.

And with the village unaware that hes back, Pierce has been able to creep around and stalk Rhona.

Hes also masquerading as Kims solicitor Ollie, and pretending to help her with Jamies fight to get custody of Millie.

Vanessa video calls Rhona

Its become clear that Pierce is on a mission to get Rhona back in his arms, and he doesnt care who he mows down in the process.

In an upcoming episode, Kim sees her solicitor Ollies face in old news articles about Rhona and her rapist ex husband and realises that Pierce has been tricking her.

She marches off to find Rhona to tell her the truth.

Charity discovers Rhonas passport and boarding pass and realises in horror that she hasnt swanned off on holiday and sets about searching for Vanessa.

Later, when Vanessa video calls Rhona, Pierce hijacks the phone and terrifies her with his beaming face.

Pierce forces Rhona to leave with him

Pierce forces Rhona to meet with him to save Vanessa.

As Rhona arrives at Mulberry, she hands over her phone to Pierce but manages to buy more time by suggesting they eat before they leave.

However, Pierce is distracted by a thud upstairs.

As he moves to check it out, Kim appears and demands to know whats going on.

In an explosive showdown, Pierce knocks her out unconscious.

Pierce drags Kims body into the bedroom and binds her hands.

Will Rhona save the day?

Rhona and Vanessa fight for their life against Pierce

Actor Jonathan Wrather – who plays Pierce in the ITV soap – has hinted that Rhona will end up killing Pierce

He told HOAR Online: “Thats the thing would she get revenge? Has she got it in her?

“Shes feisty and she doesnt stand for anything. She could get some ingenious revenge or she could be terrified.

“It will be terrifying without doubt that Pierce is out and whats he going to do? The effect it has on her can go a number of different ways and we will see that.

“Certainly she reacts in a way that we dont know what she is capable of.”

He also revealed that Pierce is so deluded he thinks hes saving Rhona from Graham: “He has a logic to what he has done. He is on a crusade. He has a sociopath or psychopath way of absolving oneself from the reality hes very good at that.

“He rescues Rhona if a few people take a hit, so be it. He is fixated on her. Its the least he can do given their past, thats his main focus.”