Labour deputy candidate Dawn Butler was at billionaires bash while Corbyn gave speech slamming the super-rich


DEPUTY Labour leadership candidate Dawn Butler was wined and dined on a billionaires yacht the same evening Jeremy Corbyn blasted the super-rich.

Butler, the Labour Brent Central candidate, was entertained by Fulham FC owner Shahid Kahns 160 million super yacht Kismet on Halloween.

Deputy Labour leadership candidate Dawn Butler was wined on dined on a billionaire’s yacht

While she enjoyed the freebie, Jeremy Corbyn was delivering a speech slamming the super-rich

While Butler was enjoying the freebie on the ship, which was moored on the Thames near Tower Bridge in central London, Corbyn earlier gave a rally in Battersea five miles away bashing billionaires.

Labour leader Corbyn said: Were going after the tax dodgers. Were going after the dodgy landlords.

“Were going after the bad bosses. Were going after the big polluters. Because we know whose side were on.

And on the same day Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle said he didnt want any Brits to be billionaires adding: I dont think that anyone in this country should be a billionaire.”

Butler announced this week she would be standing to be the Labour partys deputy leader after Tom Watson stepped down.

But after Corbyns election launch she dashed across town to spend the evening with the American car parts entrepreneur who also owns NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars were playing at Wembley Stadium last Sunday against the Houston Texans in a game they lost 3-26.

Pakistani-American billionaire Khan worth 6billion invited sponsors and NFL top brass onto the super yacht.

In the past hes hosted stars including singer Beyonce and rapper husband Jay-Z.

It can host up to 12 guests in six bedrooms, while on-board facilities include a dedicated spa, a gym room, and a cinema.

Its interior is fitted out with a grand spiral staircase, floor-to-ceiling TV screens, and surfaces of marble and gold.


Khan, 69, is a businessman who moved to the US from Pakistan at 16 and made his fortune making car parts, and is ranked the 224th richest person in the world according to Forbes.

A Labour spokesperson said: In government, Labour will tax the super-rich and big business fairly to pay for the public services that we all rely on and crack down on the bad bosses and tax avoiders who are holding our country back.

Tory Andrea Jenkyns, said: It beggars belief that on the very day Corbyn lambasted our job creators his Shadow Cabinet ally was cashing in at their expense.

This shows the complete hypocrisy of the Labour Party issuing standards to live by that they fail to live by themselves.

I wonder what Jeremy has to say about Dawn living the life of a champagne socialist?

Andrea Jenkyns says ‘it beggars belief that on the very day Corbyn lambasted our job creators his Shadow Cabinet ally was cashing in at their expense’

Ms Butler was aboard a super yacht owned by Fulham FC owner Shahid Kahn, who is worth 6billion