Labour MP says sorry for sharing deep fake pic of Rishi Sunak pouring a terrible pint


A LABOUR MP has said sorry for sharing a deep fake picture of Rishi Sunak pouring a terrible pint.

Hull East MP Karl Turner held his hands up after he was slammed for sharing a doctored snap of the PM and a sub-par pint of beer at a festival earlier this week.

Rishi Sunak pouring a pint at the beer festival earlier this week

The deep fake had been edited to show a different expression from the woman as he poured a pint with a huge head

The post showed a woman sceptically staring at the PM – which again had been altered.

Twitter/X soon added a disclaimer message to the post, saying it had “been doctored” and “the expression on the other person’s face has been altered”.

But Tories rounded on him and accused him of spreading fake news.

Michelle Donelan, the science secretary, tweeted: “In the era of deep fakes and digitally distorted images, it’s even more important to be able to have reliable sources of information you can trust.

“No elected member of parliament should be misleading the public with fake images. This is pretty desperate stuff from Labour.”

Mr Turner said earlier it was a convincing shot, adding: “My apologies for sharing what turns out to be a fake image of the PM.

“I had no idea it was fake.”

Fellow Labour MP Darren Jones rushed to his defence, saying: “Deep fakes is a problem that’s going to get worse and needs fixing.

“It’s all well and good Tory MPs having a pop at Labour MPs for sharing a photo of the PM.

“But what the Tories should be doing, is setting out how their government plans to fix the problem.”