Labours new election campaign poster boy unmasked as vile anti-Semite who was disciplined over Jew slurs


LABOUR is using an activist who it disciplined for anti-Semitic slurs as a poster boy for its election campaign, HOAR can reveal.

Kierin Offlands was given a formal warning last year after sharing a post comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

Anti-Semitic Labour activist Kierin Offlands appears pictures on leaflets alongside his girlfriend

He also called Israeli soldiers storm troopers and Zio Nazis while he was an officer for Southport Labour party.

Now Mr Offlands is featured on the front cover of a prominent Labour campaign leaflet that has been sent to thousands of households – titled Real Change for Young Workers.

He is pictured alongside his girlfriend Aisha Malik-Smith.

Mr Offlands has posted a string of anti-Semitic slurs – now deleted – including one in 2015 saying: Remembering I need to hate Israeli Jews and people who think the State of Israel was/is a good idea

Another post read: I hate Zionism. I oppose the State of Israel. It is one of the worst things [syc] ever created. To some extensiveness, Zionism is Nazism.

Just this week Mr Offlands retweeted a post celebrating Margaret Thatchers death.

He was let off with just a slap on the wrist over the anti-Semitic slurs – despite a key recommendation in the Baroness Chakrabarti report into anti-Semitism at the time saying party members should avoid making comparisons between Israel and the Nazis.

Labour has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party is understood have given Kierin Offlands a simple on the wrist over the anti-Semitic slurs