Lib Dems hire second campaign bus run on DIESEL as electric one can only travel 200 miles on one charge


THE Lib Dems have hired a second campaign bus run on diesel as their electric battle bus can only travel 200 miles on one charge.

Eco-conscious Lib Dem campaigners hired the Chinese built Yutong TCE12 for the election and have launched a raft of climate friendly policies.

Jo Swinson’s Lib Dems have had to hire a second bus as their eco one won’t go enough miles under one charge

But party chief have been forced to hire a second bus to cover the long distances across the country.

They firm that rented them the coach, Westway Coaches offered to provide a support vehicle complete with its own generator to charge the van up on the road but they turned it down.

At the start of the campaign, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson championed the use of the e-bus and launched a raft of green initiatives in their manifesto last week.

She said: Its obviously great to be able to have a bus that has fewer carbon emissions.

And where that is possible to achieve, we should all be trying to do that.

Extinction Rebellion protestors targeted the eco bus yesterday – rather than the gas-guzzling diesel coach.

A source at the firm said: The bus can travel around 200 miles on a single charge, but more like 180 miles to be safe.

The Lib Dems were offered a chance to have a generator but turned it down.

Other customers have taken the bus and the support vehicle which lets you charge it up on the road, especially in rural areas where there isnt the electric charging infrastructure.

Eco-campaigners stuck themselves to the electric bus earlier this week
Jo Swinson aboard one of the battle buses
Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats bus in Glasgow – which is a diesel one for longer distances

HOAR understands the party is using the bus in the south east of England where there are more charging points.

A Lib Dem source said: We have been using two buses, but are using the E-bus as much as possible where the bus is returning to London to recharge in the evening.

The Lib Dems declined to comment.