Lords Criticized for Attempt to Thwart Rwanda Legislation


Lib Dem Lords Face Backlash Over Plan to Vote Against Rwanda Bill

Liberal Democrat Lords have faced criticism for their intention to vote against the Safety of Rwanda bill at its second reading next week. The bill, which aims to declare Rwanda a safe country, is seen as crucial for enabling flights to Kigali. However, the Lib Dems have tabled a motion that could potentially kill off the legislation, claiming concerns over breaches of international law commitments and costs to the taxpayer.

Tory MPs Accuse Lib Dems of Frustrating the Bill's Progress

Tory MPs have strongly criticized the Liberal Democrats for their protest against the Rwanda legislation, accusing them of engaging in a shameless publicity stunt. The Conservative Party argues that the Lib Dems' actions undermine the will of the people and suggest an alignment with criminal gangs rather than the British public.

Lib Dem Blocking Bid Likely to Fail Without Labour Support

The Lib Dem attempt to block the Rwanda legislation is expected to fail without the support of Labour peers. Labour is planning to adhere to the convention known as Salisbury-Addison, which traditionally discourages opposition parties from voting against government bills at the second reading in the Lords.

Government Faces Lords Defeat Over Delaying Rwanda Treaty Ratification

Earlier this week, the government suffered a defeat in the Lords over a motion to delay ratifying a new treaty with Rwanda. Peers voted in favor of introducing safeguards before flights to Rwanda can take off. However, the Prime Minister was able to quash a rebellion by right-wing Tory MPs in the Commons who were seeking to strengthen the plan.

Lib Dems Argue Convention Does Not Apply to Rwanda Policy

The Liberal Democrats argue that since the Rwanda policy was not included in the Conservative general election manifesto, the convention of not voting against government bills at the second reading does not apply. They assert that the Rwanda bill fails to address the asylum backlog or provide a sustainable solution to small boat crossings.