Shocking Increase: Over 100 People a Week Receive Death Threats Involving Knives


Knife Threats Soar Nearly Fourfold in Just Over a Decade, Labour Party Analysis Reveals

Startling new figures have revealed that over 100 people a week received death threats involving knives last year. The number of such threats has surged nearly fourfold in just over a decade, according to analysis by the Labour Party.

In 2010, there were 1,424 death threats with a blade reported, compared to a staggering 5,459 incidents last year.

Outrage Over Nottingham Killings Fuels Concern

These alarming statistics come in the wake of the Nottingham killings that shocked the nation. Grace O'Malley-Kumar, Barnaby Webber, both aged 19, and 65-year-old Ian Coates were tragically killed in a rampage last summer.

Valdo Calocane, the perpetrator, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility and is currently serving time in Ashworth high-security hospital. Shockingly, he may be released from prison in just three years.

Labour Calls for Urgent Action

Yvette Cooper, Labour's shadow home secretary, expressed her dismay over the brutal killings in Nottingham and highlighted the need for immediate action. Cooper stated, "Knife crime has become an epidemic with a deeply disturbing increase in death threats involving knives."

Cooper called for urgent measures to tackle this issue before more lives are lost and families devastated. She criticized the Conservative Government for being slow to act, claiming that dangerous weapons are still easily and legally available online. Labour has made it their mission to halve knife crime over the next decade and is committed to cracking down on this heinous crime.

Home Office Responds

A spokesperson from the Home Office highlighted the improvements in police recording of violent crime since 2010. They stated, "Our communities are safer, with a 48% decrease in neighborhood crimes like burglary, robbery, and theft, and an overall 51% reduction in violent crime."

The Home Office recently announced a ban on zombie-style machetes and an increase in the maximum sentence for selling knives to individuals under 18. Additionally, they are continuing to invest in youth services that have successfully prevented thousands of violent injuries.

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