Michael Gove Patching Up Relationship with Boris Johnson


Michael Gove is patching up his relationship with his old frenemy Boris Johnson.

Tory big beasts put their differences aside

From Pal to Frenemy

The two Tory big beasts had been pals since their Oxford University days.

But they spectacularly fell out when Mr Gove told Bojo last summer that he had lost the confidence of his party and should quit No10.

A furious Boris responded by sacking his old friend. But two days later, did indeed resign as PM.

A Patched-up Friendship?

"We had a good chat at a wedding recently", Mr Gove said.

They spoke about "life and the universe" he said.

But he reckons their friendship may only be properly patched up after he leaves politics.

Mr Gove said: "The thing about politics overall is it is easier when you are no longer in it as it were.

"I wouldn’t want to make any predictions, but I suspect it will probably be easier for me and Boris to have a longer chat when I’m no longer a minister."

A Shock Return to Politics?

So does he think Boris could ever make a return to the frontline of British politics?

"You can never ever predict what Boris will do in the future", he said.

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