Senior Tories Set to Mutiny at Party Conference Over Tax Cuts


Tories Unveil Demands in Unprecedented Intervention

Senior members of the Conservative Party are planning to stage an "unprecedented intervention" at the party's conference to call for tax cuts. This move threatens to overshadow the Prime Minister's conference, who had hoped to make a comeback with hard-hitting policy announcements on smoking and education.

New Conservatives Lead the Charge

One of the factions leading the charge is the New Conservatives, who are demanding tax cuts starting with typical white van men and women. They argue that high taxes are stifling economic growth and call for an increase in the threshold at which small firms pay VAT from £85,000 to £250,000. The current threshold has been in place since 2017, affecting more and more plumbers, electricians, and beauticians each year.

Revolt from Former PM Liz Truss

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss will also join the rebellion, aiming to return to her tax-cutting agenda. Truss will call for a reduction in Corporation Tax from the current 25% back to 19%, stating that this will make the Conservative Party the party of business once again. She believes that it is the free businesses, rather than the Treasury or the government, that will drive Britain's economic growth.

Northern Research Group's Grenades

The Northern Research Group of Red Wall MPs will add to the chaos by demanding the construction of 500,000 new homes.

Overall, this mutiny by senior Tories threatens to steal the limelight from the Prime Minister and could significantly impact the party's direction. The rebels argue that these policies are crucial for rebuilding the 2019 coalition and showing the electorate their commitment to their values.

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