Michael Gove Pleads for More Funding to Fix UK Housing Crisis


UK Housing Secretary, Michael Gove, has revealed that he appeals to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt daily for additional funds to address the country's broken housing market. Gove has vowed to continue his efforts ahead of the upcoming Spring Budget, as the government faces criticism for hindering the aspirations of young people to own a home.

Gove's Pleas for Funding

Gove admitted to actively communicating with Jeremy Hunt about the pressing need for increased investment in housing supply. While he stopped short of laying siege to Hunt's home, Gove consistently sends notes and messages stressing the importance of taking action. According to Gove, Hunt fully understands and appreciates the significance of supporting the next generation.

Blaming Factors for the Crisis

Gove firmly rejected the notion that the Conservative Party is responsible for the soaring house prices. Instead, he attributed the crisis to a growing population, limited mortgage availability, and insufficient construction of new homes.

Government's Commitment to New Homes

Government ministers have reassured the public that one million new homes will be built by the next Parliament. To further this commitment, Gove is set to announce plans to expedite building on brownfield sites. This streamlined planning process will allow developers to convert vacant office blocks, department stores, and commercial buildings into residential properties.

Criticism of Relaxed Targets

However, critics argue that relaxing house-building targets will result in fewer homes being constructed during the ongoing housing crisis. The government's approach to addressing the issue has faced backlash from those who believe more aggressive measures are necessary.

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