More small-boat migrants arrive at Dover — as nearly 1,000 crossed Channel at weekend


Record Number of Crossings at Dover

In the latest surge of small-boat migrants making the perilous journey across the English Channel, nearly 1,000 individuals successfully crossed over the weekend. This brings the total number of migrants crossing this year to over 21,000.

Recent Increase in Arrivals

The calm weather on Sunday allowed for two boats carrying 113 migrants to reach Dover. Additionally, a single-day record of 872 migrants arrived on Saturday. Despite these recent arrivals, the total number of crossings this year is 19% lower compared to the same time last year.

Government's Stance on Migration

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made it a top priority to address the issue of small-boat migration and combat smuggling gangs who charge exorbitant fees for this dangerous journey. To achieve this, the government had been considering the deportation of some migrants to Rwanda, but a Supreme Court battle has put these plans temporarily on hold.

Calls for Tougher Measures

Some members of the Conservative Party are urging Prime Minister Sunak to be prepared to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to facilitate the deportation of migrants. Tory MP Jonathan Gullis stated, "Get flights to Rwanda, do more deals with other safe third countries, and be willing to withdraw from the ECHR."

Despite the ongoing challenges, the government remains committed to finding solutions that will effectively address the issue of small-boat migration and protect national borders.

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