Michael Gove’s Son’s Terrifying Ordeal: Locked in Uber Car by Demanding Driver


William Gove, son of Michael Gove, recently faced a harrowing experience while in Croatia when an Uber driver trapped him inside the car and demanded extra cash.

Locked Inside an Uber in Croatia

18-year-old William Gove found himself in a distressing situation during the early hours of the morning when he refused to give the Uber driver an additional €60. The driver then locked him inside the car.

Mother Comes to the Rescue

Sarah Vine, Michael Gove's ex-wife and mother of William, received a phone call at 2.30 am on Wednesday, detailing her son's ordeal. William was on holiday in Croatia, and while returning to his flat with friends in an Uber, the driver demanded the extra cash, which he didn't have.

As the situation escalated, the driver drove past William's flat and into another part of town, trapping him inside the car. In desperation, William called his mother for help.

Money Transfer for Release

After several frantic conversations, Sarah Vine was able to transfer the requested money to her son's account, securing his release. Both William and his mother were relieved that he was unharmed but eager for him to return home.

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