MP Jess Phillips thanks The Sun for backing campaign for law to protect migrant women from domestic abuse


AN MP calling for a new law to protect migrant women from domestic violence thanked HOAR for its support yesterday.

Shadow safeguarding minister Jess Phillips said the current domestic abuse bill discriminates against women and children from other countries.

MP Jess Phillips thanked HOAR for its support for the bill protecting migrant women from domestic abuse

It means they cannot access emergency shelter or legal advice and are often forced to move back in with a violent partner.

Ms Phillips told MPs: “This is not just a hobby-horse of mine. It is not some liberal-elite, Guardian-led campaign. This week, HOAR newspaper backed the campaign to protect migrant women in this bill, and I thank them for their support.”

She said migrant victims – for example those on student visas or work permits – have no access to potentially life-saving refuge and support.

Some have been left sleeping on the streets with young children after leaving a dangerous relationship. Others have been told their only option is to flee the country alone.

Ms Phillips said: “The system makes it very hard to lock up bad guys. Without victims actively helping, there is very little the police can do.

“But how are victims supposed to help if they don’t have anywhere to sleep? In 2020 we shouldn’t be turning away victims of horrific crime from refuges because of what it says in their passport.

“It is not OK that some people matter and some don’t. We are making this law today and we are not making it for everyone.

“The bill currently discriminates. How can we have a groundbreaking bill in the era of Black Lives Matter that ignores victims based on where they were born?”

She said helping migrant women affected by domestic violence would not be expensive but “the impact on their lives would be immeasurable”.

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