Tom Watson’s peerage ‘rejected over support for false VIP paedo ring claim by fantasist Carl Beech’


TOM Watson has reportedly been blocked from receiving a peerage over his support for VIP paedo ring fantasist Carl Beech.

The former Labour deputy leader is understood to be one of three people to have their nominations for peerages by Jeremy Corbyn blocked.

Tom Watson has reportedly been denied a peerage

Mr Watson was nominated by Mr Corbyn to be elevated to the House of Lords, according to The Independent.

It is claimed he was rejected due to his role in the paedo ring witch hunt by encouraging Beech to take his false claims to cops.

Beech – who was originally known only as Nick before has anonymity was stripped – claimed he had been abused by a network for powerful paedophiles in Westminster.

The claims led to the homes of Field Marshall Lord Bramall, Lord Brittan and Harvey Proctor being raided.

Beech is now serving an 18-year jail term, and Scotland Yard have had to pay out compensation in the case.

Watson was a high-profile supporter of Beech, whose claims wasted more than £2.5million due to the bungled probe.

Reportedly former Commons speaker John Bercow, and ex-director of Mr Corbyn’s office, Karie Murphy, were also declined peerages by the independent watchdog that oversees appointments.

A Labour source said: “These were appointments suggested by the previous Labour leader.

“We are not involved in the decision making process. Keir Starmer hasn’t been asked to make any appointments.”

Sources claimed there was “a lot of umming and ahhing” and “more argument” about Mr Watson’s appointment than over the decision to block Mr Bercow and Ms Murphy.

Carl Beech is serving 18 years in prison

Mr Proctor, a former Conservative MP smeared by the allegations, has led a campaign to deny Mr Watson a peerage – previously accusing him of “ruining” his life.

It was feared the former Labour MP could have received his peerage before the findings of a Commons probe into the false VIP paedophile claims were made public.

Mr Watson faces being dragged into the inquiry into the bungled child sex case and failings of the police watchdog to discipline officers.

The Home Affairs select committee announced an inquiry before the 2019 General Election and the precise probe is yet to be agreed.

Mr Watson claims he only met Beech once – telling him to report his claims to the authorities.

Mr Bercow and Ms Murphy were reportedly denied peerages due to concerns over their “propriety”.

The House of Lords Appointments Commission defines the term to mean someone in “good standing” and not have any past actions that may bring the Lords into disrepute.

Jeremy Corbyn recommended Tom Watson to enter the House of Lords

In a 2014 interview, Mr Watson described his conversation with Beech as “very, very traumatic and difficult”.

He said: “He only told me about one ­murder, and I didn’t need to hear any more.”

Police publicly described the wild claims as “credible and true” amid growing pressure to investigate historic sex allegations.

After Beech’s conviction last July, Watson talked down his involvement, saying in a statement he had only met “Nick” a single time on July 8, 2014.

He added: “During that meeting Nick said very little and did not name any of his alleged abusers.

“I reassured Nick that the police had made clear that all allegations of historic sex abuse would be taken seriously and treated sensitively.

“That is what the police had asked me to do, and it was the process I followed with all those who claimed to be survivors of historic child sex abuse.

“It was not my role to judge whether victims’ stories were true.”

Field Marshall Lord Bramall’s home was raided by police when he was 91