Nigel Farage offers to work with Labour to bridge gap between Trump and Starmer


Nigel Farage's Offer

Nigel Farage has extended an offer to collaborate with a potential Labour government to establish connections between Donald Trump and Keir Starmer. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the Special Relationship amid potential shifts in power.

Building Bridges

Farage highlighted the necessity of a strong UK Ambassador in Washington to engage directly with the President, especially during uncertain times globally. He urged Labour to carefully consider their approach towards a potential Trump administration.

Concerns and Warnings

Expressing concerns over previous anti-Trump remarks by Starmer and Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy, Farage emphasized the significance of fostering positive relations with the US for the sake of European defense and NATO discussions.

Defending Trump

In defense of Trump's remarks regarding NATO allies, Farage suggested that such comments were being exploited by proponents of European defense initiatives.