Geriatric US President Joe Biden Could Face Late Challenge as Democrat Candidate in August – Close to Election Day


Democrats Plotting Potential Late Move

Amid concerns over President Joe Biden's performance, senior Democrats may wait until mid-August to potentially replace him as their candidate.

Key Date in August for Decision

The Democratic Party is set to convene in Chicago on August 19 to officially nominate their candidate for the upcoming election.

Possible Challenger Emerges

Vice President Kamala Harris is hinting at a readiness to step up as a potential leader, although no other viable challengers have made their intentions known.

Strategic Timing for Democrats

Operatives in Washington D.C. are considering delaying any decision until the last minute to ensure the best chance of retaining control of the Senate in November.

Speculation on Replacement Candidates

Rumored names being discussed as potential replacements for Biden include Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and even Michelle Obama.

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