Nigel Farage’s Bizarre Claim About ‘Young Margaret Thatcher’ Resurfaces


Unearthed Interview Reveals Farage's Surprising Claim

An interview from 2013 has resurfaced, exposing a bizarre claim made by Nigel Farage about a "young Margaret Thatcher." The I'm A Celebrity star, now 59, stated in the interview that the Iron Lady would have "toppled him" if given the chance.

Thatcher Would Have Chosen UKIP Over Tories, Claims Farage

Farage, the former leader of the Brexit Party, asserted that if UKIP had been an option, the former Prime Minister would have joined his party instead of the Conservatives. He made this bold statement during the 2013 interview at Westminister, also suggesting that Thatcher would have taken his place at the top.

Farage's Recent Bombshell Claims About Boris Johnson

In addition to his claims about Thatcher, Farage recently made shocking statements about former Prime Minister Boris Johnson on national television. While discussing Johnson's personality, Farage described him as "one of the most disorganised" people he has ever encountered. He also referred to Johnson as introverted and entertaining in small doses.

Clashes Between Farage and Johnson

Farage and Johnson have had multiple clashes in the past, adding context to Farage's recent remarks. The two politicians have a history of differing opinions and conflicting ideologies.

Farage's Time in the Jungle

Currently participating in the reality show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Farage finds himself in the Australian bush alongside other celebrities such as Jamie Lynn, sister of Britney Spears, and TV presenter Marvin Humes. His time on the show has allowed him to open up about various aspects of his life, including a plane crash that resulted in severe injuries.

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