People flying from France to the UK will not have to be quarantined


PEOPLE flying from France to the UK will not have to be quarantined despite the coronavirus crisis.

Yesterday Boris Johnson revealed Britain would soon begin putting those flying from abroad into quarantine.

Passengers will be not be quarantined from France

Mr Johnson set out his plan for a three-step road to recovery for the UK as it battles against coronavirus.

He said: “To prevent re-infection from abroad, I am serving notice that it will soon be the time – with transmission significantly lower – to impose quarantine on people coming into this country by air.”

The rules are believed to include ports, meaning you couldn’t arrive and return by Eurostar or ferry to get around the rules.

Current advise to holidaymakers is to not travel abroad – but many Brits have been confused by the uncertainty around whether they should book or rearrange holidays.

The new rules mean holidaymakers will be forced to self isolate for two weeks or face a possible £1,000 fine or deportation.

However after a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron, the pair agreed on what measures to use in dealing with the pandemic.

Downing Street said: “No quarantine measures would apply to travellers coming from France at this stage.”

In a joint statement with Mr Macron, they added: “Any measures on either side would be taken in a concerted and reciprocal manner.”

A group of French and British officials will now be set up to ensure the consultation happens in the coming weeks.

Earlier this week, France said new quarantine measures could be introduced for all travellers into the country.

The PM has so far largely resisted slapping a quarantine on incoming travellers, having only used it on those coming from Wuhan then the whole of China in the first days of the pandemic.