Piers Morgan blasts Michael Gove after daughter given coronavirus test ‘ahead of NHS staff’


The Cabinet minister’s daughter had forced the whole family into isolation after she developed symptoms last week.

Piers and Susanna asked why it was OK for Gove’s daughter to get a test when others couldn’t
Piers said it was ‘one rule’ for ministers and another for the public

But she was given a test in accordance with advice from the Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty – and agreed by other medical officials.

The news came after Mr Gove was spotted out jogging at the weekend, prompting critics to ask why he wasn’t isolating with the rest of his household.

Piers Morgan said on Good Morning Britain this morning: “Is it right that Micheal Gove should have been given preferential treatment for his daughter to have a test in this way, releasing him to go back to work when so many health front line workers are not able to have that same test at the moment?”

“The Government is saying the priority should be healthcare workers,  and you have a senior member of the Government who is able to bypass all the waiting and bypass the waiting.

“I’d like to hear Micheal Gove explain why he was bale to do this and so many other healthcare workers can’t able to do this.

“Is it one rule for you and another for nurses, doctors, surgeons and others who are having to self isolate for two weeks in exactly that circumstance.”

Shadow Business Secretary Rachel Reeves said she would “have reservations about it being one rule for some, and another for everyone else” – stressing it should be the NHS who are prioritised.

Thousands of staff are having to take time off and isolate because they are getting symptoms of the virus – but until recently have not been able to access tests.

Ministers say they are ramping them up, and thousands of NHS workers have been tested.

Susanna Reid has to isolate with the rest of her family when one developed symptoms
Professor Chris Whitty signed off the test

Co-GMB host Susanna Reid added: “They should be the priority for testing!”

The Cabinet minister is said to be playing a “central role” to the Covid-19 crisis, which is why his daughter was granted the test when others haven’t got to have theirs yet.

A friend of Mr Gove’s said:  “On Monday, the Chief Medical Officer advised that Michael’s daughter should be tested for coronavirus after displaying mild symptoms.

“She was tested on Tuesday and the result came back negative on Wednesday afternoon, at which point the household isolation rules no longer applied to the family.

“Michael has followed the relevant advice and guidance at every stage and will continue to do so.”