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Rishi Sunak backs top MP who told migrants to ‘f*** off back to France’ if they don’t like Dorset barge


RISHI Sunak has backed one of his top MPs telling ungrateful migrants to “f*** off back to France”.

Tory deputy chair Lee Anderson sparked a row for the foul-mouthed warning to illegal arrivals refusing to board the Bibby Stockholm.

The PM has backed Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson who was accused of stoking ‘division and hate’

He was blasted by opponents like Sadiq Khan who accused him of stoking “division and hate”.

But a top minister was sent out by Downing Street to defend the comments and say he was speaking for the nation.

Justice Secretary Alex Chalk said: “Lee Anderson expresses the righteous indignation of the British people.

“Yeah, he does it in salty terms and that’s his style. But his indignation is well placed. People are coming from a safe country.

“It shouldn’t be like a sort of open shopping list of where you want to go.

So he expresses himself in his characteristically robust terms, but there is a lot of sense, in my respectful view, in what Lee says.”

No10 later confirmed that Mr Chalk was speaking for the government in his support for Mr Anderson, deputy chair of the Tory party, who last night stood by his comments.

Asylum seekers are supposed to make their claims in the first safe country they reach.

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