Rishi Sunak: Climate Change Won’t Be Tackled Unless “We Take People with Us”


PM Warns of the Importance of Involving the People in Climate Change Solutions

During his speech at the Cop28 climate conference in Dubai, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak emphasized that climate change cannot be effectively addressed unless the public is on board. He pledged that the UK will meet its net zero targets while ensuring that the burden doesn't fall solely on working people.

"Climate Politics is at Breaking Point," Says Sunak

Sunak expressed his concern about the current state of climate politics, describing it as being at a breaking point. He urged carbon giants to step up their efforts in reducing emissions and taking more action to combat climate change.

£11bn Investment in UK's Dogger Bank Wind Farm

As part of his announcement, the Prime Minister revealed a "massive" deal between two energy firms to invest up to £11 billion in the UK's Dogger Bank wind farm. This significant investment will further contribute to the country's renewable energy goals.

Pragmatic Approach to Achieving Targets

Sunak assured the audience that the UK will meet its climate targets, but in a more pragmatic manner. He highlighted the government's decision to scrap plans on heat pumps and energy efficiency, as they would have placed a heavy financial burden on families. Instead, the focus will be on assisting people in improving energy efficiency and reducing bills, without imposing mandates.

Overall, Sunak's speech at Cop28 emphasized the need to involve and consider the public in climate change solutions, while highlighting the UK's commitment to meeting net zero targets in a practical and sustainable way.

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