Rishi Sunak commits to maintaining two child benefit cap to reduce welfare spending


Rishi Sunak's promise

Rishi Sunak has declared that the Conservative Party will uphold the two child benefit cap if they emerge victorious in the upcoming election. This policy, which restricts the benefits available to parents on Universal Credit for their children, is set to be included in the party's manifesto.

Mission to cut down on benefits

The Chancellor aims to tackle the escalating welfare costs in Britain by enforcing this cap. In a statement, Sunak emphasized the need for families on benefits to make financial decisions similar to those solely reliant on work.

Addressing the ballooning benefits bill

Highlighting his broader objective to reduce the benefits bill, Sunak asserted, "There is nothing compassionate about consigning people who could work to a life trapped on benefits. We will change the system to provide a hand up rather than a hand-out."

Response and implications

While charities and left-wing MPs have called for the removal of the two child benefit cap, Sunak's focus remains on encouraging Britons back into the workforce to alleviate the substantial costs associated with welfare.

The introduction of this rule in 2017 aimed at curbing additional welfare expenses, with estimates suggesting a £1.5 billion price tag to lift it. This commitment marks the second public pledge in the Tory manifesto, following the assurance to maintain the triple lock on pensions.

As the election approaches, the pressure mounts on Labour to decide whether they will support the two child limit or opt for increased taxes to fund a larger benefits bill.

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