Rishi Sunak condemns Iran’s missile strike as act of a “despotic regime”


PM labels attack as intent to sow chaos in the Middle East

RISHI Sunak has today labelled Iran's 350 missile strike an act of a "despotic regime". The Prime Minister was speaking in the House of Commons this afternoon and said he's working with allies to avoid more bloodshed in the Middle East. He told the house: "With this attack Iran has once again shown its true colours."

PM confirms RAF shot down Iranian attack drones

The PM yesterday confirmed an RAF plane shot down several Iranian attack drones. The impact on regional stability had Iran's plot succeeded would be "hard to overstate". Warplanes stationed in Iraq and Syria intercepted the onslaught unleashed by Tehran.

UK joins international effort to de-escalate the situation

The PM said: "Our aim is to support stability and security because it is right for the region and because although the Middle East is thousands of miles away, it has a direct effect on our security and prosperity at home." The UK is working urgently with allies to prevent further bloodshed and see calmer heads prevail.

RAF heroes praised for bravery in protecting civilians

The Prime Minister hailed the RAF heroes for their bravery and professionalism in protecting civilians. He confirmed that RAF planes shot down a number of Iranian attack drones, saving lives in Israel and neighboring countries like Jordan.

Efforts focused on deescalation in the Middle East

Health Secretary Ms Atkins said the UK Government was putting "all of our efforts" into deescalation in the Middle East. The UK is working to prevent miscalculations or further escalations that could have severe consequences.

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