I’m a Pokémon World Champion and a last minute flight just made me $6k


From London to Orlando

Wolfe Glick, a Pokémon World Champion, recently returned from the European International Championships in London where he finished 13th out of nearly 1,000 competitors.

A Proud Achievement

Despite the tough competition, Glick was proud of his performance at the tournament, expressing satisfaction with his gameplay.

A Quick Turnaround

Shortly after returning home, Glick decided to participate in the Orlando Regional Tournament in Florida, booking a last minute flight and getting only 3 hours of sleep before the event.

The Winning Team

Glick used the same team from the European Championships in Orlando, highlighting the effectiveness of his strategy and team composition.

Victory in Orlando

Despite the challenges, Glick emerged victorious in the Orlando tournament, securing his 9th Regional title and a cash prize of $6k.

Cementing His Legacy

Glick's win in Orlando adds to his impressive competitive Pokémon career, solidifying his place in the history of the game.

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