Rishi Sunak Confident in Stopping Boats Despite Labour’s Doubts


Rishi Sunak's Commitment

Rishi Sunak remains confident in his ability to "stop the boats" despite Labour's skepticism about ending the Channel crisis entirely. Shadow Cabinet Minister Pat McFadden has suggested that eliminating Channel crossings is virtually impossible, directly challenging the PM's flagship promise.

Challenges and Efforts

Downing Street attributes the recent increase in boat crossings to unusually good weather and heightened violence facing French police. Smuggling gangs in Calais have become more ruthless, cramming almost 50 migrants into each dinghy, up from 20 in 2021. To address this, efforts are being made to adapt to the changing tactics of the gangs and break their business model.

Labour's Response

Labour criticized the situation as "complete chaos" following a surge in arrivals over the Easter weekend. While Sir Keir Starmer has also pledged to "stop the boats" and increase police resources, Shadow Cabinet Minister Pat McFadden expressed doubts about the feasibility of completely ending all crossings, calling it a tough problem for countries throughout Europe.

Deportation Flights to Rwanda

No10 has announced plans to initiate deportation flights to Rwanda by the end of spring as part of the efforts to deter Channel crossings. The Safety of Rwanda Bill is set to be reintroduced on April 15, with Rishi Sunak pressuring blocking Lords to approve it.