Rishi Sunak Considers Tougher Sentences for Rapists in Crime Crackdown


New Strategy to Keep Britain's Most Serious Sex Offenders Behind Bars

Convicted rapists may soon be obliged to serve their full prison sentences as part of a proposed crime crackdown by Chancellor Rishi Sunak. The move aims to prevent the early release of the country's most dangerous sex offenders. This initiative is one of several policy announcements being made in an attempt to boost the ruling Conservative Party's popularity.

Ashley Shuck Case Highlights Need for Stricter Sentencing Rules

Ashley Shuck, a convicted rapist, was released from prison halfway through his sentence. Mere weeks after his release, he went on to attack two women. This alarming case serves as a prime example of the potential dangers posed by current early release policies for serious sex offenders. Changing the rules on sentencing could ensure that individuals like Shuck are never set free again.

Bold Vision for the Country to be Unveiled at Tory Conference

In a major speech at the upcoming Tory conference in Manchester next Wednesday, Chancellor Rishi Sunak will present his comprehensive vision for the country. This includes a proposal to replace A-Levels with an English Baccalaureate, requiring all students to study English and maths until the age of 18. In addition, the Chancellor may controversially consider scrapping the Manchester leg of the HS2 project.

Economic Measures and Pensions Triple Lock

The Prime Minister is also considering plans to reduce inheritance tax, which could potentially provide a significant boost to the economy. However, the pensions triple lock will remain intact for now. Insiders claim that this decision is aimed at preventing a political backlash from OAPs who traditionally support the Conservative Party.

Continuing the "Red Meat" Approach

This latest proposal to toughen sentences for rapists falls in line with other recent "red meat" policy announcements, such as the delay in banning petrol and diesel cars, as well as the proposed ban on vapes and cigarettes. The government hopes that these measures will help reverse the decline in public support for the ruling Conservatives.