Rishi Sunak Faces Intense Grilling at Covid Inquiry


Controversial Actions Under Scrutiny

Embattled Chancellor Rishi Sunak has arrived at the Covid Inquiry, where he will face an eight-hour grilling about his actions during the pandemic. The inquiry will focus on allegations that his Eat Out to Help Out scheme contributed to the spread of the virus.

Text Messages Add to Scrutiny

In addition to the scheme, Sunak will also be asked about text messages that revealed Government scientists calling him "Dr Death, the Chancellor." These messages will undoubtedly add to the intensity of the questioning he will face.

Make-or-Break Week for Sunak

This week is crucial for Sunak, as he faces a do-or-die vote on his Rwanda plan on Tuesday. While he is being questioned at the inquiry, Tory MPs will be listening to the verdict of Sir Bill Cash's star chamber of lawyers, who have assessed the proposed legislation on Rwanda.

Defending Sunak's Response

Cabinet ally Grant Shapps has come to Sunak's defense, praising his Covid response for saving millions of jobs and businesses. Shapps emphasized that the decisions Sunak made during the pandemic were difficult and aimed at preventing businesses from going bankrupt.

Eat Out to Help Out Scheme Defended

Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove also defended Sunak, stating that the Eat Out to Help Out scheme was effective. However, Professor Sir Chris Whitby, England's chief medical officer, reportedly referred to the scheme as "eat out to help out the virus" in private.

A Comprehensive Public Investigation

The Covid-19 Inquiry, chaired by Baroness Heather Hallett, aims to scrutinize the UK's response to the pandemic. It will examine government decision-making, healthcare system impacts, and the development of vaccines, among other modules.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was cross-examined for two days last week as part of the inquiry.