Rishi Sunak Pledges to Stop Channel Migrant Boats, But No Firm Date Set


PM acknowledges progress but admits no specific timeline for reaching target

Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, has vowed to put an end to the flow of migrant boats crossing the English Channel. However, he admitted that there is currently no "firm date" for achieving this goal. The Prime Minister emphasized the need to give deterrent measures, such as sending migrants to Rwanda, enough time to be effective. Although the number of crossings has decreased by a third since the start of the year, Sunak has postponed a major speech on migration due to missed targets.

Delay in major speech and abandoned plans

Mr. Sunak was forced to delay a significant speech on migration that was scheduled for this week. This decision came after the government failed to meet its pledge to reduce the asylum backlog. Despite a slight decrease in boat arrivals and the availability of the Bibby Stockholm barge, which is currently only half full, plans to utilize MoD bases for housing migrants have been shelved. The reason cited is that no one has yet been relocated from hotels to these facilities.

Commitment to continue until success

Speaking at a recent Liason Committee meeting, Sunak stated that there is no specific deadline for resolving the issue of migrant boats. He reiterated his determination to persist until the problem is solved, emphasizing that the previous trend of increasing numbers has been reversed, with a one-third decrease in crossings. While expressing confidence in forthcoming legislation to aid in the deportation of asylum seekers, he did not confirm any new agreements with other countries, stating only that the UK government is open to further discussions.

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