Rishi Sunak Refused to Fund Migrant Camps, Opted for Hotels Instead, Leaked Documents Reveal


Chancellor's Controversial Decision

Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor, opted to keep migrants in hotels rather than fund large-scale camps, according to leaked documents from 2022. Officials complained that Sunak was refusing to provide funding for Greek-style asylum centres, arguing that hotels were a cheaper option. These revelations come as the cost of housing small boat arrivals in hotels has reached £8 million per day.

Pressure on Boris Johnson

Aides reportedly urged then Prime Minister Boris Johnson to intervene and demand that Sunak allocate funds for large-scale accommodation. A No10 dossier listed several illegal immigration proposals that Sunak was allegedly seeking to frustrate. The document implored Johnson to emphasize that relying on hotels as a long-term solution was politically untenable and inappropriate for the British state.

Concerns Over Value for Money

While Downing Street sources maintained that Sunak's main concern was value for money, officials argued that viewing the issue solely from an economic perspective was disingenuous. They emphasized that voters considered such an approach completely unacceptable.

Winding Down Migrant Hotels

Since becoming Prime Minister, Sunak has criticized the use of migrant hotels as a "farce" and has initiated the process of shutting them down. Around 50 hotels have been closed since the autumn, and another 50 are scheduled to close by spring.

Toughening Up the Bill

Next week, the government's flagship scheme on illegal immigration will return to the Commons, where right-wing rebels are planning to propose amendments to strengthen it. Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, a former Cabinet Minister, expressed doubts about the current bill, stating that it lacked clarity and was ineffective in preventing the arrival of small boats. Downing Street has announced that it will hold discussions with the rebels before the votes take place.