Rishi Sunak Strongly Hints at Possible Cuts to HS2 Railway Project


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has given his strongest indication to date that the controversial HS2 high-speed rail line may be the next project facing budget cuts. During an interview, Sunak declined to guarantee that the line would extend to Manchester. He stated that he did not wish to speculate on other potential cuts, but warned that he would be making a series of important decisions in the coming months.

Concerns Mounting Over Budget for HS2

There is growing concern that HS2 will face significant reductions in a bid to save billions from its already staggering budget. The government has already scrapped plans for the line to extend to Leeds and the central London terminal at Euston. In response, the Labour Party has accused the Conservative Party of a "great rail betrayal" and has pledged to complete the HS2 project in its entirety. Some Conservative MPs have also joined the call to abandon the expensive project once the line to Birmingham is finished.

Focus on Energy Infrastructure

Despite the uncertainty surrounding HS2, Sunak has committed to strengthening Britain's energy infrastructure in order to reduce reliance on foreign powers. He has announced a plan that will provide industry leaders with certainty over new projects and give local communities a say in the decision-making process. Additionally, a £150 million fund will finance innovative research into eco technologies.