Rwanda Plan Faces Opposition in House of Lords, Causing Delays in Migrant Flights


The House of Lords launched an attack on the Rwanda plan, indicating that migrant flights will be postponed.

Peers Attempt to Hijack Rishi Sunak's Flagship Policy

With 93 wrecking amendments, peers are trying to undermine Rishi Sunak's key policy.

Archbishop of Canterbury Backs Baroness Chakrabarti's Amendment

Baroness Chakrabarti's proposed amendment, supported by the Archbishop of Canterbury, would require UN approval for the plan.

Concerns Over Domestic and International Rule of Law

Baroness Chakrabarti argued that the current bill threatens both domestic and international rules-based order.

Lord Howard Criticizes the Amendment

Former Tory leader Lord Howard criticized Baroness Chakrabarti's amendment, stating that it would undermine parliamentary sovereignty.

Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron Opposes Peers' Attempts

Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron expressed disagreement with peers attempting to obstruct the Rwanda plan.

First Asylum Seekers Expected to be Sent by Spring

Rishi Sunak aims to send the first asylum seekers to Kigali by spring to combat small boat crossings.

Home Secretary James Cleverly Faces Criticism

Home Secretary James Cleverly faces opposition from the Archbishop of Canterbury and bishops who oppose the Rwanda plan.

Alliance Formed to Thwart the Legislation

The Archbishop of Canterbury, along with Labour and left-wing peers, formed an alliance to try and derail the legislation using wrecking amendments.

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