Scandal-hit George Galloway Wins Rochdale By-Election, Poses Headache for Keir Starmer


George Galloway's Political Comeback

Former Labour MP George Galloway, known for his left-wing views and fiery rhetoric, has won the Rochdale by-election, securing 12,335 votes and marking a dramatic political comeback.

Challenges for Starmer

The victory of George Galloway in Rochdale poses another challenge for Labour leader Keir Starmer, as Galloway's campaign focused heavily on Gaza-related issues, with Galloway even dedicating his win to Gaza in his victory speech.

Diverse Candidate Results

Independent candidate David Anthony Tully came in second, followed by Tory candidate Paul Simon Ellison. Disgraced ex-Labour candidate Azhar Ali, who was abandoned by Labour over controversial comments about Israel, came in fourth.

Controversy and Chaos

The by-election in Rochdale was marred by allegations of death threats, vandalism, and candidates wearing stab vests. The Reform candidate Simon Danczuk, who campaigned on a platform of "Rochdale not Gaza," faced threats and intimidation during the campaign.

Reform UK's Concerns

Reform UK leader Richard Tice condemned the behavior in the by-election, citing death threats, racist abuse, and intimidation towards their candidate and supporters. Tice expressed concerns about the integrity of the electoral process in Rochdale.

Call for Change

The results of the Rochdale by-election have raised questions about the state of democracy in the UK, with Tice calling for a reevaluation of electoral standards and practices to prevent such incidents in the future.