Angela Rayner may owe up to £3,500 in tax following questions over council house sale


Labour tax expert raises concerns

According to a Labour tax expert, Angela Rayner could potentially owe up to £3,500 to HMRC amid questions surrounding the sale of her council house.

Pressure mounts on deputy opposition chief

Angela Rayner faces increasing scrutiny over the 2015 sale of her Stockport property purchased through the right-to-buy scheme.

Deputy leader urged to clarify tax position

Labor tax supremo Dan Neidle suggests that Rayner should seek advice to determine her capital gains tax liability from the sale.

Labour leader's office remains silent

Despite calls for clarification, Angela Rayner's team has not provided detailed responses to journalists' inquiries, leaving the issue unresolved.

Mystery threatens to overshadow public appearance

The ongoing tax controversy could cast a shadow over Rayner's scheduled appearance at the Convention of the North in Leeds.

Rayner to address Tories' neglect of the North

Despite the tax scrutiny, Angela Rayner is set to criticize the Conservative party for overlooking the North and hindering its potential at the upcoming conference.

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