School Investigated for Asking Students if Hamas Attack on Israel was “Fair”


A school is currently under investigation after it asked students whether Hamas's attack on Israel was "fair". Education Secretary Gillian Keegan expressed her shock at the classroom material that attempted to justify the October 7 attacks.

Offensive Slides Shared on Mumsnet

The offensive school slides were shared on the parenting website Mumsnet after students discussed the Middle East crisis. The students were asked if they believed it was "fair for Hamas to attack" and were then asked to share their opinions on the conflict.

The material, reportedly from an unnamed secondary school, caused outrage when it was posted earlier tonight.

Education Secretary Launches Urgent Review

Gillian Keegan expressed her horror at the situation, stating, "I'm horrified to see this. Hamas are terrorists. Their actions are indefensible, and anyone encouraging support for them should face legal consequences. Extremism has no place in education, and I have launched an urgent review."

Parent Raises Concerns Over One-Sided Material

A parent who discovered the material through Mumsnet revealed that their child was shown 11 slides on Israel taking land and Palestinian suffering. The parent criticized the material for presenting a very "one-sided" picture of the conflict. They also noted that while there was only one line about the Holocaust, there were two lines about the October 7 attacks.

The concerned parent stated, "To me, this is inviting students to justify terrorism" and demanded a meeting with the school's head.

Keegan Calls for Seriousness in Addressing Classroom Absences

Gillian Keegan has previously been involved in issues related to the Middle East conflict, as some students have missed classes to participate in protests supporting a ceasefire. She emphasized that schools should take these absences seriously and treat them with the utmost seriousness.