Scotland’s Deputy First Minister Criticized for Being Late to Meet Princess Anne


Deputy First Minister Shona Robison faced criticism after arriving forty minutes late to an event with Princess Anne.

Delayed Arrival

Ms Robison attended the opening of Aberdeen South Harbour on behalf of the Scottish Government last Friday, but reportedly kept over 300 guests waiting.

Princess Anne's Wait

While waiting for Ms Robison, Princess Anne took the opportunity to speak with members of the public for an extended period of time.

"Disrespectful" Behavior

Scottish Tory MSP Douglas Lumsden called Ms Robison's tardiness "completely disrespectful" and described the incident as "quite disgraceful."

Government Explanation

The Scottish Government stated that Ms Robison was delayed due to "urgent government business" and apologized to the organizers for the inconvenience.

No Delay in Speeches

The speeches at the event were not delayed and the organizers were informed in advance about Ms Robison's late arrival.

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