Suella Braverman to Launch Scathing Attack on Rishi Sunak’s Migration Record


Suella Braverman, the former Home Secretary, is set to deliver a searing rebuke to Rishi Sunak's handling of migration in the House of Commons today. Braverman will make a personal statement criticizing the Prime Minister's approach to illegal immigration and calling for him to defy European judges.

Renewed Attack on the Horizon

Braverman's renewed assault on Sunak's migration policies comes just before the government's highly-anticipated Rwanda legislation. Sunak is considering plans to override European Convention of Human Rights rules that could hinder removal flights.

Strasbourg Edicts in Braverman's Crosshairs

During her speech in the Commons, Braverman is expected to demand the automatic disregard of Strasbourg edicts in asylum policy. This follows her recent public letter challenging Sunak's authority and accusing him of "betraying" their agreement to significantly reduce net migration.

Rare Personal Statement

Personal statements in the Commons are uncommon and usually only permitted after the departure of a senior Cabinet member. Notable examples include Geoffrey Howe's resignation speech in 1990, which hastened Margaret Thatcher's downfall.

New Treaty and Rwanda Deal

Meanwhile, Home Secretary James Cleverly has traveled to Kigali to finalize a new treaty addressing concerns raised by the Supreme Court. Cleverly stated that there is now "no credible reason" to impede removal flights, and Downing Street hopes to have planes taking off by next spring.

A New "Safe Country"

The PM and legal advisors are currently working on emergency legislation that is expected to declare Rwanda a "safe country." This legislation aims to bypass challenges under the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act, potentially allowing for the resumption of flights.

Debate and Opposition

Tory MPs are divided on this issue, with some demanding more time to examine the legislation. On the other hand, right-wing MPs are warning against overriding the ECHR and HRA, while Brexiteer Mark Francois cautions against rushing the decision.

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