Boris Johnson to Apologize and Defend Leadership at Covid Inquiry



Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has arrived at the Covid Inquiry, where he is expected to face tough questions about his leadership during the pandemic. Johnson will defend the decisions he made while acknowledging some mistakes. The inquiry will examine key choices made in early 2020, including the timing of the first lockdown. Johnson is set to apologize and highlight successful initiatives, such as the vaccine rollout.

Johnson's Defence

Johnson will explain to the inquiry that he made the right calls in managing the pandemic. He will apologize for some errors while emphasizing the successes, such as the efficient rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine program. The UK was the first country to administer a Covid-19 jab in December 2020. However, Johnson will also address concerns raised about the timing of the first lockdown and the impact on schoolchildren, the economy, and mental health.

Expert Advice

Chief medical adviser Sir Chris Whitty warned Johnson about the risks of going too late or too early with restrictions. Whitty stressed the importance of getting the timing right to maintain public support and avoid fatigue. Johnson is expected to admit that mistakes were made but will also highlight that decisions made by the government saved lives.

Addressing Controversial Claims

Johnson will address controversial claims made by his former aide, Dominic Cummings. Cummings alleged that Johnson asked scientists about unconventional methods, such as using a "special hair dryer" to destroy the virus. He also claimed that Johnson made a statement about preferring to "let the bodies pile high" rather than impose further restrictions that would harm the economy. Johnson will have the opportunity to provide his perspective on these allegations during the inquiry.

Overall, Johnson's appearance at the Covid Inquiry will be a crucial moment for him to defend his leadership during the pandemic, acknowledge mistakes, and provide explanations for key decisions made by his government.

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