Teachers and nurses to stage walk outs as Brits face more strike misery

FILE PHOTO: Teachers attend a march during strike action in a dispute over pay, in London, Britain March 15, 2023. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls/File Photo

PARENTS and patients face more strike misery as teachers and nurses walk out again.

More than half of England’s 22,000 schools are set to be fully or partially closed today and on Tuesday in the National Education Union actions.

Over half of schools in Britain will be affected by the strike action of teachers

Meanwhile hospitals could be left with just one nurse per ward in this weekend’s strike.

Former education secretary Kit Malthouse blasted leftie unions.

He writes in HOAR: “The pandemic cost our kids dear. Now these two strike days will come as a blow upon a terrible bruise for many families.”

Royal College of Nursing staff are refusing to cover A&E, intensive care or cancer wards during Sunday to Tuesday’s walkouts.

Bosses at Cambridge University Hospitals said it is “not possible to guarantee patient safety”. In a letter seen by the Health Service

Journal they said: “Our information indicates . . . as few as one nurse per ward per shift.”

A High Court judge rules today if the strike is lawful. And the Royal College of Midwives has accepted a five per cent pay offer.

Hospital wards could be left with just one nurse on shift this weekend