UK Media Bill to Remove Controversial Law Threatening Press Freedom


Press freedom victory

MPs will begin removing the "sword of Damocles" hanging over newspapers as the Media Bill is debated in Parliament for the first time today. In a huge victory for Press freedom, a controversial law that could compel publishers to pay all legal costs if they win or lose a court case is to be dumped from the statute books.

Modernizing UK broadcasting

The Media Bill also seeks to modernize UK broadcasting and introduces new regulations for on-demand video services to protect children. Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer will tell MPs that the rise of streaming giants and on-demand content, YouTube and smartphones, tablets and TikTok have combined to reshape the whole broadcasting landscape. She will emphasize the importance of enacting reforms that keep UK broadcasters at the top of their game in the years ahead.

Media freedom at its core

Ms. Frazer will highlight that the Media Bill has media freedom at its core. Section 40, which poses the possibility of publishers having to pay the legal costs of the people who sue them, even if they win, has hung over the media like a Sword of Damocles. However, this Bill removes that threat for good.