UK Visa Stripped from Hamas-Sympathizing Radical


Zero Tolerance for Visa Abusers

A radical sympathizer of Hamas, the proscribed terror group, has been stripped of his UK visa, according to exclusive information obtained by HOAR. The foreign national, who cannot be named, had been living in Britain but had his right to remain removed after expressing support for Hamas and the banned Palestine Islamic Jihad group. The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, considered his case and subsequently revoked his visa. This is the first instance of someone having their visa revoked since Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick warned of the threat a fortnight ago.

Tough Stance on Extremism

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick has reiterated the government's commitment to combating extremism and terrorism. He stated that there can be zero tolerance for visitors to the UK who abuse the privilege of a visa and endorse evil terrorist acts. Jenrick warned that visas will continue to be revoked wherever necessary, emphasizing that extremism will not be tolerated on the streets of the UK.

Special Privilege, Not Automatic Entitlement

In a letter to police chiefs, Jenrick reminded foreign nationals that a UK visa is a special privilege, not an automatic entitlement. He emphasized that those who abuse this privilege and cause harm to the UK, its citizens, or its values will forfeit the benefits conferred to them. The revocation of the visa in this case is a direct consequence of this policy.

High Alert for Protests

Following the revocation of the visa, the police will be on high alert for any protesters expressing support for Hamas at a planned march this weekend. Since the October 7 attack, Scotland Yard has made over 100 arrests during pro-Palestine demonstrations, including for supporting proscribed groups. With 1,850 Met Officers on duty for the march, which coincides with Armistice Day, and 1,375 on Sunday, law enforcement aims to maintain peace and security.

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