UK Visas Surge to 1.4M, Tories Demand Action


Record Number of Visas and Asylum Grants

Recent data reveals that 1.4 million visas were issued to migrants last year, along with a record 62,000 asylum grants, marking a substantial increase. However, the number of refused claims also saw a significant surge.

New Migration Controls and Calls for Caps

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to reduce foreign arrivals by hundreds of thousands, with new migration controls introduced in December. Despite these measures not impacting last year's figures, there are growing calls for an overall cap on migration.

Concerns Over Small Boat Migrants and Illegal Immigration

Statistics highlight that only 2% of small boat migrants have been returned since 2018. Additionally, 45,768 illegal migrants remain in hotels, costing millions daily. Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman raised concerns about the strain on infrastructure due to high visa numbers.

Political Reactions and Plans for Change

Labour criticizes the government for losing control of the immigration system, citing low return rates for small boat migrants. Meanwhile, the government emphasizes efforts to tackle illegal migration, including a deportation plan currently facing delays in the House of Lords.

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