Who is Matt Hancock’s wife Martha and how many children do they have?


HEALTH Secretary Matt Hancock has has been at the centre of the UK government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s everything you need to know about Hancock and his family.

Martha Hancock is married to the new Health Secretary

Who is Matt Hancock’s wife Martha?

Hancock’s wife Martha is an osteopath who lives with Hancock in Little Thurlow in his West Suffolk constituency.

According to the Financial Times, the Hancock family decamps from London to Newmarket at weekends, so his “work-life balance is a challenge”.

He said: “I pay a lot of attention to timetabling. Both my professional and social and family time gets booked up a long way in advance and then you have to be strict about it.”

Martha’s grandfather, the 1st Baron Inchyra, was British ambassador to West Germany, and her great grandfather was the 1st Viscount Camrose.

How many children do they have?

Martha and Hancock have one daughter and two sons.

When his third child was born in 2013, Hancock was unable to take two weeks paternity leave straight away.

New Health boss Matt Hancock appears for the first time since being appointed to his new job

Instead, he chose to take a two-month break by adding the MPs’ extended summer recess on to the end.

He said at the time: “I am taking paternity leave myself. It’s important to form a strong bond with your children.”

Who is Matt Hancock?

Matthew Hancock, 39, replaced Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary on July 9 2018.

The former Culture Secretary was educated at the private King’s School in Chester and Oxford University.

At Oxford, he studied politics, philosophy and economics.

He also has a masters degree in economics from Cambridge.

After uni he worked at the Bank of England and then as an adviser to George Osborne when he was shadow chancellor.

His website says he is the first MP in modern times to win a horse race after riding to victory at Newmarket in August 2012.

He also claims to have played the most northerly game of cricket on record, and succumbed to frostbite en route to the Pole.